Basketball in English in Barcelona. Group lessons, private lessons, school lessons and summer programs

Basketball is a privilege that presents us opportunities to teach skills and etiquette when coached correctly. Everybody who walks into the gym is capable of being great, some just need more guidance than others.


Melinda Torres


I was born and raised in New York City to a family of four sisters.  I loved the sights, sounds, smells and experiences one can only find in New York but after a 15 year successful career in Fortune 100 financial firms, I am embarked on a European adventure which led me to Barcelona. I immediately fell in love and planted roots here.  That was 18 years ago!  I have successfully raised my now 13 year old son while running an international concierge travel and wedding planning business.  We've recently added a rescue dog to our family, Roy, who has transformed our lives! 


I am constantly in search of new experiences that will stimulate my son's imagination and prepare him to live a full, rich and healthy life.  From an early age I have loved basketball beginning with the New York Knicks, in their heyday, to today's NBA competitions and players that are becoming legends for their work on and off the court.  I was fortunate enough to meet William a renowned basketball coach from the UK and together we came up with the idea of a camp where kids could learn to play basketball in English!


Coach William Birchall

Basketball has been a huge part of my life since the age of 9 and from there on I have continued playing and learning.

In college, I earned my coaching certificates level 1&2 and went on to set up my first club at the age of 19. 

After a year of running my own local club, I was then asked to join on with a school basketball programme. This merged my club with the school and we operated for a solid 3 years coaching men’s local league and developing students in preparation for the national league.

I then moved on to coach 2 years national league at Liverpool Basketball club working with the under 18's and the under 14's before moving to London where I would learn how to build a business.

In between, I have coached a number of high school teams in the UK and I am always looking for ways to better and develop individuals to reach new levels. We all have greatness within us, we just need to realize our potential.



Established my own clubs and business in the UK

Assistant coach of Liverpool U18's

Head Coach of Liverpool U14s

Community Coach for Cheshire Jets

Coached players who have gone on to represent England North West.

Head Coach at C.B Roser U14's.


Barcelona, España

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620 398 064